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8 new books!

Posted by figaro.admin

Dear Friends,

I trust that all is well and that you have enjoyed 2016 so far.

As some of you may know, a while ago I created a number of characters for a range of t-shirts. I have used those on my Christmas plates for the children since 2000 and their success has encouraged me to bring these characters to life in a range of books that I have written and drawn (3 of them with a friend, Andrew Conrad). These eight books will make you all smile and remind us of some of the important things in life – perhaps inspire the next generation (and the current one) to keep improving, with a smile on one’s face, looking after others and doing things better too!

When I established Knightsbridge School and wrote the KS Code, as you know the motto for KS was very much from my ‘Duty’ time in the forces – “Keep It Simple”, so I thought an appropriate way to celebrate the decade of KS would be to finally launch this series.

The books can all be found and purchased through my website They are up on a self-publishing site which deals with all the costs and shipping etc. Each book costs £14.99 with 10% of the profit going to the Knightsbridge School Education Foundation Bursary programme which funds two 100% bursaries a year from the community – I am so proud that we have funded 10 bursary students from the local community thus far!

I hope that you get as much amusement out of them as the students have here at school.

Best wishes and hopefully see you all soon,