Magoo Giles

Magoo Giles has always been an entertainer. Ever since school, he has invented wonderful characters and has written and drawn stories about them. His passion for making people happy saw him create a range of characters and voices which came to life first of all on t-shirts, then on plates, then on mugs and now in books. People have always loved them. He's been determined to share these "friends" of his with others.

When he's not writing and drawing, Magoo has a proper job! He's the founder of Knightsbridge School. Previously he was the Headmaster of Garden House Boys' School from 2000 – 2006. He was commissioned in to the Coldstream Guards. He also served as Aide de Camp to Lieutenant General the Hon Sir William Rous for two years and Personal Equerry to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for two years. Magoo is a keen sportsman whose other interests include: children, travel, public speaking/ entertaining and his family. Magoo was educated at Eton College.